Animals & Fantasy Creatures Art Animals & Fantasy Creatures Art War Pteranodon I believe the armour was randomly inspired by World of Warcraft. Done on the 7th of Marc 2008. 203416076 Griffin This is the first serious piece of digital colouring I did. I used a few references for the eagle head. It's probably my best digital painting up to this very day, even though it was done with a mouse. Done in April 2007. 203416085 Shadow horse A horse randomly inspired by the Finish band the Rasmus. 203416083 Six-headed Hydra I've always enjoyed drawing lizard-like creatures. This was my own design of a six-headed Hydra. Done in February 2003. 203416086 Tyrannosaurus Rex An old drawing of a Tyrannosaurus. For some reason, I drew his toe on the outside of his leg. Done in February 2004. 203416084 Basilisk After watching that Harry Potter movie, I was inspired to draw my own version of a Basilisk. Done in 2003. 203416087 I Piddy Hawk and M Piddy Eagle This was a request from a friend who wanted me to draw him as a blue-silver hawk and draw myself as a bird of choice. I chose a black-and-red eagle. Done in Corel Photo-Paint using a Genius MousePen drawing tablet. Made on the 9th of October 2008. 203416088