Animated Movies & Cartoons Fan Art Animated Movies & Cartoons Fan Art Scrooge McDuck 2017 and 1987 As someone who hates reboots, I am all sorts of amazed by how good this one actually is. I love how much depth they added to the characters and their stories and I even like the drawing style and animation. Somehow, they managed to make the already awesome character of Scrooge McDuck even awesomer. Of course, David Tennant's adorable voice acting adds to that. Scrooge is basically the Doctor Who of Duckburg and I love every moment of it! I cannot oversell the 2017 Ducktales and the new Scrooge design <3. Done on the 29th of January 2019. 205544565 Scar (The Lion King) First coloured drawing of 2018. I've loved Scar and Jeremy Irons since I was a kid. A tribute was long overdue :). No tracing of any kind, just looked at a screenshot for the face, to get all the details right. Drawn on the 29th of March 2018. The original is in 4143 x 5000 resolution. 204968789 Scar's Daughter (The Lion King) Some years ago when I first got my drawing tablet, I did a few pictures of my original TLK character Mau Mau (birthname Jelani), but with lighter fur. I decided to make her look more like Scar this time around, and I really love the look of her. I used to draw Lion King style all the time as a kid. I didn't use any reference for Mau Mau, other than Scar himself. Done on the 30th of March 2018. 204968790 Justice (Transformers) The way Starscream's coronation should have gone like. I drew him in War Within style because that is his actual Cybertron form. 203416247 For the love of Starscream (Transformers) Just a little drawing of myself with one of my all-time favourite characters. 203416248 Old Friends (The Transformers) Originally, this was done as a tribute to a roleplay a friend and I had where he played Skyfire and I played Starscream, who remained friends despite being on opposite sides. It was a tribute to the two characters, their friendship, and ours. I do hope I find time to recolour this, as it is one of my favourite Transfomers drawings that I ever did. It was done in Corel Photo-Paint. 203416249 We Need A Hero (Transformers Armada) A drawing of Armada Starcream, because he truly was a hero in that series <3. 203416250 MoonScream Armada (Transformers) A design of my OC MoonScream (aka MoonStalker) based on the Armada series. 203416251 The Original MoonScream (Transformers) An old character sheet of my OC MoonScream (aka MoonStalker) based on G1. 203416252 Gorbash (Flight of Dragons) A really old tribute to one of my favourite childhood movies. I believe this was done in 2003. 203416257 Bryaugh (Flight of Dragons) A really old tribute to one of my favourite childhood movies. I believe this was done in 2003. 203416256